I don’t need them

I don't need them

Dear reader,

For most of my life, I have avoided people.

My mindset has always been that I don’t need anyone to accomplish the things that I want to accomplish. This led to me not spending any energy on socializing or getting myself in social settings.

But as I read more books and study the lives of people I admire, I’ve realized that while people are not the only way to incredible accomplishments, they do make life a lot better.

They make life a lot easier.

And who wouldn’t want to make amazing friends?

I’ve realized that the reasons I was avoiding people was because I thought:

  1. Most people just suck energy.
  2. People will require me to be patient which I don’t have time for.
  3. I don’t need people if I’m good at my job.

But a few realizations that I’ve recently had are that:

  1. Not all people suck energy, I can find the right people that lift me up.
  2. Patience is a muscle, the more I train it, the easier and better it will get.
  3. I can only go so far if I’m alone.
  4. People can bring incredible opportunities and experiences.
  5. You never know what can lead to what, perhaps random people to incredible friendships.

I will attribute a lot this realization to the book “Never Eat Alone.” It’s a great read, highly recommended.

I am still reading this book and a few initial takeaways are:

  1. Meet and talk to a new person every week (with intentional effort)
  2. Join clubs and put yourself in environments where you’re likely to meet new people
  3. Be genuinely curious about them
  4. Find ways you can help and solve other’s problems, and do it without seeking anything in return

Funny thing is that right after reading the lesson about meeting new people every week, I saw a post that a student club is organizing a hike in the town I live and it is open to all.

So I signed up for it even though I don’t really know anyone in that team.

The hike will start after 2 hours of this email going out. So good luck to me.

I will expect this particular hike to be average for my people skill but a good initiative nonetheless.

I might also create a “Book Notes” page for the book “Never Eat Alone” after I’ve read it in a few week’s time. I will let you know when that’s out.

Anyway, for this week, here’s what I recommend you practice:

Takeaway: Put in intentional effort to meet at least one new person every week. Be curious about them. When they say something you don’t know, ask them, don’t guess. Try to find ways you can help them, maybe by connecting them to somebody you know. Don’t seek anything in return.

Let me know how it goes. Good luck!

This week’s question for you: Who are your 3 closest people you want to always be in touch with? When was the last time YOU put in intentional effort to be or spend quality time with them?

Ask that question to yourself and if you’d like to, let me know via an email response.

Last week, I talked about how to deal with our habit of constantly thinking about the future so much that we don’t focus on the present. It has two really interesting examples.

You’ll find it interesting. You can read it by ​clicking here​.

I’ll see you next week.

Take care, bud.


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