I tried waking up at 5AM every day

I tried waking up at 5AM every day

Dear reader,

I hope you are doing good.

If not so much, don’t worry. Things will get better soon.

Let’s begin.

I have considered myself a night owl for most of my life, but I spent the past 39 days waking up at 5 AM.

So why did I decide to do that and what were the results? I’ll explain.

First, the obvious, in an average traditional society, people consider being a morning person as the right thing to be.

In a more modern society, people have divided themselves into early birds and night owls.

This division is according to the time of the day someone feels the most active, circadian rhythm as some people call it.

I have considered myself a night owl mostly because of two reasons:

  1. I am a tech guy who likes working in the darkness
  2. I am usually too lazy to wake up early

I had heard about the benefits of waking up early for as long as I could remember but I never really tried being a morning person myself.

So why did I decide to wake up early?

I had not been feeling well-rested after waking up at 8-9 AM.

It had been bothering me.

I would eventually get myself to get some work done at night but I wanted to feel good throughout the day.

Trying an early bird schedule was one of the obvious things.

One additional reason that pushed me was my common sense.

If I do my most important work at night, my mind will already be cluttered with everything that happened during the day.

On the other hand, if I do my most important work early in the morning, nothing much will have happened by then and my mind will be free of clutter.

How was I able to wake up at 5 AM every day?

Truth be told, it was really hard in the beginning because of my years of waking up at 8/9 AM.

But a couple of things helped:

  1. Going to the bed early
  2. Eating light food before bed
  3. Setting at least 4-6 alarms with a 5-minute interval each
  4. Keeping my phone slightly far from my bed so that when the alarm rang, I couldn’t snooze it easily. I’d have to get out of bed to turn it off.
  5. Not using my phone or checking my email after waking up, heading right to working (writing)

What were the results of waking up early? Worth it?

I loved it. Here’s why:

  1. I felt well-rested after waking up
  2. I could do the most demanding things first because of the energy I felt
  3. I felt more productive throughout the day
  4. I had more hours in the day
  5. My sleep schedule is synced with the natural day cycle
  6. Bonus reason: It’s rare

Look, I never thought I would like or even try being an early person.

For whatever reason I did, the outcomes have been interesting, and even rewarding I might say.

I suggest you try giving it a shot.

There are chances that it makes no different in your life but there also are chances that it might be life changing experiment.

Either way, it’s just trying a different sleep schedule for 2-4 weeks.

Shouldn’t be that hard.

As you try that, a few suggestions:

  1. Try not using your phone or your laptop towards the evening to reduce blue light.
  2. If you must use your digital devices, use a feature like “night light” to make your screen slightly yellowish
  3. First, wash your face with cold water. This is an incredible tip. Showering is fine too.
  4. After washing your face, move. Maybe 10 jumping jacks or something to get the blood flowing.
  5. Coffee? I love my morning coffee.

The most important advice is that it is okay if you are unable to wake up early on some days. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

You might have to stay up till late on some days. Make sure that you don’t let the become two days in a row.

“Missing something once is a mistake. Missing something twice is the beginning of a new habit.”

– James Clear

Here’s what I want you to learn from this article 👇

Takeaway: If you usually wake up late, try being an early person for 2 weeks. If it makes no difference, get back to default. If helps, stick with it. Experimenting is what leads to life-changing improvement.

This week’s question for you: Do you prefer being an early bird or a night owl? Why?

Write a comment down below to let me know you read till the end, preferably with your answer.

I’ll write again next week.

See you then!


6 thoughts on “I tried waking up at 5AM every day”

  1. Yogyata Dangal

    Preferably, I would like to be an early bird. At present, I am a forced-early bird. What I mean by that is that my classes start at 6:30, so I HAVE to wake up early. I do not wake up early on weekends, and although this is a habit I despise, I can’t seem to get over it. Your suggestions seem interesting and I would love to give them a try. Thanks for the email, Suraj! I hope you’re doing well.

    And yes, the template looks great!

  2. Ichchha Upadhyay

    Dear suraj,

    I have always been a night owl.I will study till 12/1 AM and wake up at 8 AM. What i have been noticing is that this has been causing me to loss a lot of my time. After eating dinner at night i spend whole lot of time just wandering around. And then sit to study but i couldn’t focus much because i feel tired already. At morning after i wake up, i get fresh as usual and then do my chores clean my room. And then i think i will get to study after i eat lunch and then waste an hour or two there.

    Then i thought if i wake up early, not much early. Around 5AM then i can stop procrastinating delaying my studies till i have my lunch but i am toooooooo lazy. I have tried to. I woke up for 1/2 days and then same back to what it was. It is getting hard to be consistent. So this is one big issue i have been having lately. And i don’t know what shall i do. Maybe i will try once again and then update you. I highly doubt but i can try.

    1. Dear Ichchha didi,

      Habits are just that, habits. They can be changed.

      It will be difficult in the initial few weeks, as it was for me. But once you force yourself through these first two or three weeks, if you’re sleeping on time, you won’t even need an alarm to wake you up.

      I wish you good luck didi in your experiment. You’ve got this.

      Suraj bhai

  3. Hi Suraj.

    I’ve been an early bird for most of my life.
    For a short while, about 3 years, I was a night owl person, and the results analysing today were disastrous.
    The pleasure of seeing the sunrise and hearing the birds chilling, there is no pay.

    Congratulations on the new letter format. Gives a light reading.

    Keep well.

    Jorge Laranjo

    1. Dear Jorge,

      I hope you receive this email at a good time. Thank you for writing back to me.

      I have mostly been a night owl, but these couple of weeks have been amazing.

      When I was starting out, I’d need an alarm to wake up and even then it’d be difficult for me.
      But recently, I’ve been able to get up early with ease. I often get up before my set alarm, how amazing is that!

      I usually find academic readings difficult, so I’ve been utilizing the morning to read. I’ve been making progress.

      What do you usually do in the morning?

      Looking forward to your email.


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