“This shall pass” – How to deal with hard times

this shall pass


Have you ever had a situation in your life where you’re exhausted and tired and want to give up?

It could be during exam season, or you’re on a deadline, or maybe you’re dealing with a rough time in your relationship.

I am sure that all of us have had those moments–the moments when we just want to give up.

In this article, I wanted to talk about how to muster up the courage to keep going when you are at a low in your life.

When I have such moments, I remember “this shall pass.

It is a very simple concept yet not very obvious.

The reason it helps me is because when I remember that, I know that this will end. I won’t have to grind this hard forever.

Last year when I was in grade 12 and was leading a team of 8 members constantly trying to do something greater, studying and doing assignments, living on my own, cooking, cleaning, trying to make a sustainable side hustle income and everything else, there were times when I would almost burnout or get super stressed.

The only thing that helped me keep going during those times were the fact that it was temporary.

I knew I wouldn’t have to be stressed about the next assignment deadline or organizing the next event throughout my life.

I knew it would end, and I would be less stressed.

Even during the end of 2023, when I was trying to complete Harvard’s 11-week-long CS50 course within 2 weeks, I was like “I don’t want to do this, it’s so hard.”

But then I thought: “Once I complete this, that’s it. I won’t have to stress about it again. It will pass.”

And I completed CS50 and also built a cool Chrome extension (video demo) as my final project for Harvard’s CS50.

It passed.

Lesson: When you’re having a hard time, know that it will pass. Whether it be a crisis, a project, a low in your relationship, whatever it be, it shall pass.

If you read the entire article and found it helpful, do let me know via the comments.

I’d really appreciate it.

4 thoughts on ““This shall pass” – How to deal with hard times”

  1. “Work time expands according to the deadline set”.

    Umm, I needed some motivation to work. Thank you!
    I have been procrastinating since the new year. People set goals, new resolutions, new them and here I am, starting the new year with laziness.
    But I have started to realize my mistake. The deadline is what killed my consistency of work.
    Now we cannot delve into our past and change the beginning but we can surely work on our present and change the ending.

    Thank you for the email, my friend. To be honest, you are very professional at writing.
    I hope to receive more from you.
    Good Luck!

  2. Ichchha Upadhyay

    Dear suraj,
    You are doing so great with these newsletters. Keep on writing such inspiring and meaningful articles. Good luck.

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