You Are Meant to Lose, and How Not To

You are meant to lose and how not to

You want to be very successful. You want to have a lot of money, an amazing career,  an amazing car, a nice house, good relationships, and friends. How do I know that? Because we all want that. 

Every person that you meet is the ‘main character’ in their own stories, and everyone wants to achieve great things and become successful.

In this email, I will focus less on relationships and more on the money and career side of things.

There are these things called ‘cycles’. I will explain this with an example.

Imagine that there’s a son of a businessman. There is a very high chance that he will become financially successful. Why? Look at the illustration below.

A son of a businessman is more likely to be surrounded by other wealthy people.

Since they are surrounded by wealthy people, they get good advice, have access to opportunities, they do the right things (because they know what they should be working on), they make a lot of money, have amazing experiences and friendships, and then again, because of that they are surrounded by more wealthy people.

The cycle continues.

It’s a similar cycle in most cases: an actor’s is surrounded by other actors and more likely to become a successful actor, and so on.

This means that they have an unfair advantage of access, which you may lack.

So how do you become successful like them?
You break into the cycle.

You can either surround yourself with other wealthy people, get good guidance from mentors, find out about open opportunities, gain a lot of capital, or do other things to break in.

My favorite way: Learn an invaluable skill and work incredibly hard to make a ton of money and have that cycle for yourself.

In this age of modern tech, no skill is difficult to learn. Everything is available on the internet, and for FREE.

The sad reality, however, is that most people don’t even realize that they can search for “How to learn ___?” instead of “____vlog” or other random things on YouTube or in Google.

There is a very good chance that most knowledgable people that you see have learned a lot of the things they are known for with the help of the internet.

I certainly have.

I have been able to learn so many skills from YouTube and have been able to make a decent passive income as well. And I learned all of that for free.

It’s time that you finally start learning the skill you know will set you apart.

You should know that if you delay it for later, you will never learn it.

Start today.

Break into the cycle.

Good luck, buddy!

8 thoughts on “You Are Meant to Lose, and How Not To”

  1. Hi Suraj,

    Make no mistake. Although 72 years old, theoretically at the end of my working life 1 decade ago, I’m still working full-time.
    I have done different jobs and altered jobs due to a lack of challenge.

    Please keep up the good work, there are a lot of souls that could do better with your advice.

    Best regards.

  2. Hoàng Ngọc Anh Nguyễn

    I really appreciate your advice. This is very much meant to me today. You make my day! Thanks so much. My English is not good enough but I really want to thank you so I write this… Please do not mind my mistake.

    I will try my best to do a little thing as you do. I am learning English day by day. It is hard subject, I think. But I will try to study it. Hope one day I can talk fluently in English. You give me big motivation now, thank you!
    I am so sorry for replying late because I rarely use Email before. But because of your email I will check it every day from now on. So please email me if you have something to share, thanks a lot!

  3. Dear Suraj dada,
    Your newsletters are amazing and I admire the way it helps me every time right when I need them. Your previous ones were also beautifully written and very comforting. You are doing the khatra-estt job ever. Thank you for everything.


  4. Just wanted to drop a quick note to say your newsletter, “Figuring Things Out,” was spot on!

    Loved the insights on success cycles and breaking into them. Your take on learning invaluable skills resonated with me.
    Looking forward to more of your content.

    Keep it coming!

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