Would It Even Matter?

I wonder at times: “What would happen if I were to just disappear?

What would happen if I were to not inform anyone besides my family that I am not going to be here anymore without the assurance of whether or not I would be back.

This thought has pondered in my mind for years now. I have also told a few people that one day I will someday just go out of contact. “I might become a monk”, I say.

Who knows, I really might become a monk someday.

I feel like too many of us are in a rat race. I would be lying if I didn’t count myself in that group as well. I certainly have as well been in the rat race for quite some time.

But the thing is that every now and then, there is this window of actuality that appears. And the actuality says that a person can survive even with a simple and minimal livelihood where they don’t have the highest pay-grade or a big house or a nice car.

I know, for some people even maintaining a day-to-day livelihood is also tough.

But I have confidence that even if I, and most of my readers, were to drop competing (aka trying to be more successful) right now, we could survive and be able to take care of a few people in some time. Basically, we know the basics of survival and market.

If we can do that, why compete?

Why not just love someone and take care of your family and live as a normal person? Maybe work as a teacher or something in some part of the country and buy a small house in 5-6 years? Why not just eat not-so-fancy food and wear normal budget clothes? Why not every evening play some music and prepare dinner with your wife? Or every morning go on a walk or run with your family? Why not see your partner feel wonderful when you bring them small yet thoughtful gifts or give them small surprises?

Yes, it does seem like a dream life but is it really as hard as so many of us assume it to be?

When I ask people, “If you could do anything, and if money and time was no restriction, what would you do?”, a lot of people come back to spending more time with family or simply traveling or being there for the ones they love. But is it really that hard to do that?

Do we really need to achieve everything that we are set out to achieve in order to do that? Yes, it would make things easier, but do we really NEED to?

I know it’s probably cliche, but “If you were to die in 24 hours, how would you spend these 24 hours?”

I am sure that except for 1 or 2 extraordinary people, most of us will either want to spend those remaining hours with our family or telling things to people that we could never tell (probably confessions or apologies).

And with that, why do we not do it today?

Life is not certain, is it? We could die tomorrow. Or maybe the other person could just disappear someday as I joke about doing. And we don’t know if we will see the other person again. We don’t know if we’ll get to say a “hi” to someone tomorrow. Either we would go or they could.

Hey, I don’t wish that for anyone, but life really is unpredictable. Anything can happen.

So, maybe, you should spend more time with your family right now. Maybe just call your parents and tell them that you were thinking of them and that you love them. Or maybe call those people you’ve been meaning to call and tell them the things you’ve been meaning to tell today.

Sometimes, a random text or call from someone can make people’s day.

Anyways, all I can do is share with you the lessons I learn. The rest really is up to you.

Until next time.

Take care <3

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